Learning Rocks with The Grammarheads!

From history to science to grammar, no one makes learning fun quite like The Grammarheads. The pride of Myerstown, Pennsylvania, The Grammarheads are teachers and students using their love of music to help kids learn! With all-original, high energy educational rock songs, The Grammarheads’ CDs and videos are fun elementary school teaching aids that get kids excited about learning.

Rock Your Lesson Plan!

The Grammarheads’ songs are designed as activating strategies — follow them up by expanding on the concepts outlined in the rock songs with available worksheets and lesson plans. We have found children respond well to lessons when they open with an upbeat song. All our videos include lyrics on the screen, so watching a video will give students the answers to pass the quiz afterwards. We even offer fun, colorful multimedia presentations tailored to our rock music.

Educational Rock Songs That Really Rock

Educational music for kids doesn’t have to be corny. The Grammarheads play upbeat, fun music with catchy melodies kids love. Don’t be surprised if your students want to hear our songs again and again! All our albums are recorded with real instruments in a professional studio — no cheesy synths here! — with large, sing-along choruses that drive home important concepts about history, science, writing, and grammar.