Elementary School Worksheets and Other Teaching Tools

Rocking out is just one part of what The Grammarheads do. We offer a series of worksheets, quizzes and PowerPoint presentations that expand on and reinforce the basic concepts in our songs. Designed by teachers for use in today’s classrooms, The Grammarheads’ classroom materials — combined with the rocking tunes we’re known for — make lesson planning easy. Subjects range from language arts to history and science. We currently offer science worksheets, history worksheets, grammar worksheets and writing worksheets for your elementary school classroom.

Who We Are

The Grammarheads are elementary and middle school teachers  from Lebanon, PA who got together because of their shared love of music and education. Our debut album, Rock Your Writing!, was released in 2011 and since then, we performed at assemblies and concerts throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our songs are intended as anticipatory sets that introduce a topic and outline its key concepts, opening the door to further in-class study. We quickly realized the need for supplementary materials to go with our songs, which is why we’ve developed a set of elementary school worksheets for teachers to use in the classroom. Become a Grammarheads subscriber today. First engage, then instruct!

Get the Official Rock Your Writing! Workbook

Our debut album, Rock Your Writing!, contains a complete lesson in grammar and sentence structure, with fast-paced, catchy songs about types of sentences, subjects and predicates, parts of speech and more. The Rock Your Writing! Workbook includes a complete lesson plan to go along with the CD or videos, covering and expanding on the topic of the songs. Written by band member David Hull (MA Education and MA Instructional Technology and Design), Rock Your Writing! incorporates modern pedagogy into multimedia learning that engages children with music and video.

Resources for All Students

All our Rock Your Writing! worksheets are leveled for differentiated instruction to teach a diverse group of students. Containing three levels to meet the needs of every student — including advanced worksheets for high achievers and more basic worksheets for those still struggling — The Grammarheads’ supplementary material ensures no one gets left behind. Check out our full collection of teacher resources, and be sure to visit our website often as we are constantly adding new material. And if you, your school, or your entire school district wants to subscribe to gain full access to our music videos, be sure to check out our pricing options. We have specific plans to meet your students’ needs!