Fun Writing PowerPoints for Children

Ready to take your language arts instruction to the next level? With our collection of grammar PowerPoints for elementary students, you can build on the anticipatory sets contained in The Grammarheads’ 2011 CD, Rock Your Writing!. Our kid-approved, upbeat educational music is only the beginning of learning with The Grammarheads. With available multimedia presentations, worksheets and lesson plans, it’s easier than ever to incorporate 21st century teaching techniques on a limited budget.

Engaging Teaching Tools That Build on The Grammarheads’ Music

Full of humor and surprises, The Grammarheads’ elementary school writing PowerPoints contain the same level of fun and energy as our kid-approved music and videos. Colorful and interesting, these presentations contain a lesson in topics such as conjunctions, nouns, verbs and sentence fragments. Watch a music video, play the PowerPoint, and then work your magic. First engage, then instruct!

Teacher- and Student-Friendly

As a teacher you want to increase engagement with important topics in the language arts, but not a lot of students have an innate fascination with grammar and parts of speech. Luckily, our grammar PowerPoints make learning fun and inviting for students at multiple skill levels. Developed by teachers to meet the needs of modern learners, our multimedia presentations let students put down their textbooks for a few minutes and interact with language in a new way.

Part of Comprehensive Lesson Planning

As teachers, we struggle everyday with limited resources and students who interact more naturally with computers and video games than with books. The Grammarheads combine modern pedagogical techniques with music, video and multimedia presentations that draw kids in without pandering to them.

The Grammarheads music and writing PowerPoints are created by working teachers rather than a large publishing company. We’ve made our materials available at a low cost so everyone can benefit.

Browse our selection of fun grammar PowerPoints online today — we’re constantly adding new material, so check back often for the latest releases. Oh, and be sure to become a Grammarheads subscriber today!