Fun Songs for the Elementary Classroom

Today’s teachers know keeping your students on task and interested means having to fight for their attention with videogames, the Internet and other distractions. Why not shake up your old curriculum with something that’ll grab your students’ attention, while at the same time building reading fluency and reinforcing important concepts in grammar, history and science?
With a fresh, contemporary approach to songs that teach elementary concepts, The Grammarheads are making learning fun. Kids love rocking out to our music! All our songs come with teachable materials that integrate seamlessly into your curriculum.

Find MP3s in The Grammarheads’ Rock Shop

Be sure to check our online store, where you’ll find loads of MP3 songs that teach elementary concepts in a number of subjects. All music is recorded with real instruments in a professional studio and features clear, easy-to-follow vocals that explain concepts in simple language—it’s appropriate for a variety of grade levels. You can also check out our debut album, Rock Your Writing!, which consists of nine songs providing comprehensive instruction on the parts of speech.

Laying the Groundwork for in-Depth Discussion

The Grammarheads’ songs for teaching elementary students have been designed for anticipatory lessons as activating strategies to cement key concepts and lead into a larger discussion about the topic. Also available are suggested lesson plans, worksheets and multimedia presentations that incorporate our music. Unlike other songs for the elementary classroom, The Grammarheads’ music doesn’t overwhelm students with too much information at once — instead, our songs are built around catchy choruses that drive home the most important elementary concepts.

Teacher- and Kid-Approved

The Grammarheads are experienced elementary and middle school teachers who have incorporated modern pedagogical techniques into their songwriting. With a knack for melodies kids love, students will want to hear our music over and over again — the more they listen, the better the chance they’ll recall important concepts when quizzed on them later.

Do you think our songs could be helpful in your classroom? If so please browse our products today!