Fun Educational Videos to Rock the Classroom!

If you’re looking for a new way to reach your students, check out The Grammarheads’ music videos for the elementary classroom. A band from Lebanon, PA, The Grammarheads have been rocking classrooms with fast-paced, catchy music that outlines key concepts in science, history and language arts. The Grammarheads’ music is designed to be used as an anticipatory set leading into a more comprehensive lesson. You’ll find dozens of videos that teach elementary concepts, each based around an original, professionally-recorded song.

Videos for Teaching Elementary Students

From the American Revolution to states of matter, The Grammarheads are expanding their repertoire beyond language arts! Our videos are one of the best activating strategies to bring our educational music to your students, as they include a number of different engagement tools that go beyond just listening. A quiz for each video will prompt students to provide missing lyrics or recall factual information centered around an important component of your lesson.

Subscription Options Available

All of our videos can be downloaded for just $1.99 each! But if you want the best value, become a Grammarheads subscriber. The Grammarheads’ fun, educational videos make a perfect addition to any classroom. We’re adding new music and new videos regularly, so check back often for the latest updates. If you’ve tried our products and want to stay in the loop, be sure to subscribe today and get full access to the latest videos as soon as they’re released!

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Supplementary Material Available

Lesson planning is easy with The Grammarheads. Besides subscribing to our video streaming service, you have the option of purchasing worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and more to supplement our videos for teaching elementary students. All material is licensed to use in the classroom and provides a valuable corollary to the information contained in our music.

Building Reading Fluency with Rock and Roll

In addition to outlining important concepts, The Grammarheads’ videos can be used as an activating strategy to build fundamental reading skills by encouraging kids to follow along with the lyrics during a video. All videos contain karaoke options for solo performances or leading class sing-alongs. All videos also have an interactive quiz option when they are over. Your students will be more engaged with the material, prepping them for successful further studies and tests.